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Video of daughters’ beating goes viral

After a shocking video of a father battering his daughters in Abha went viral, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development has taken action.

The ministry tasked representatives from the Protection Unit to visit the home of the man in question, in coordination with the police, where both the father and girls were interrogated in the presence of a representative of the Human Rights Commission

Medical examination found bruises on the bodies of the girls, evidence that they had been assaulted by their father.

The girls claimed that was the first time their father beat them up following a dispute between the father and his former wife, said Khalid Aba Al-Khail, spokesman for the ministry.

He added that the divorced couple understood that their daughters had to be kept out of their problems.


He said the inspection team declared the father psychologically and socially fit.

He admitted to his wrongdoing, but the daughters refused to move to the shelter, requesting to remain at home with their father.

The ministry, he said, will monitor the situation on a permanent basis through regular home visits.


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