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Human Eye Facts For Your Health You Should Be Knowing.


Check out some interesting and useful facts about your eyes.

Eyes are fast healers.

A scratch on your eye and most of the other eye problems just takes around 48 hours to heal.

Blinking is the most common thing your eyes can do.

Of course, you would be knowing this but what you might not be knowing is that normally you blink 10 to 12 times per minute and each blink lasts less than 1/10th of a second.

Your eyes don’t see things normally.

The retina see things in an upside down image and it is brain which flips the image which you see.

You can’t see red.

Your retinas can’t actually see red and once again it is the job of brain to combine every colour you perceive and give you red when it is in front of you.

Eyes can distinguish around 10 million colours.

But, interestingly eyes can distinguish around 10 million colours.

Do you have blue eyes?

If you have blue eyes then there is a possibility that you might be sharing the same predecessor with the rest of the people who have same eye colour.

Do you have brown eyes?

These people can go for a laser procedure that can turn the eye colour to blue.

Do you have green eyes?

Then you belong to group of rarest eye colour.

Your eyes can change colour, but not the size.

Babies with blue or grey eyes can undergo eye color change within a year.

Eyes can’t be transplanted.

With over one million nerve fibres, it is very difficult to reconstruct the connection of nerves to the brain.

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