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Traffic Department kicks off ‘LenjaalFarhat Al-Eid Ammenah’ campaign

A campaign titled LenjaalFarhat Al-Eid Ammenah which translates to ‘Make This Eid Safer’ has been launched by the Ministry of Interior’s Traffic Department today that is the first day of Eid Al Fitr.

The Traffic Department has been lately involved in a number of distinctive campaigns to make motorists aware of road safety and traffic regulation rules. Campaigns such as Iftar pack distribution, giving away roses and offering discounts on traffic fines were recently organised by the department for such purposes.

As many as 60 vehicles of the Traffic Department bearing the slogan LenjaalFarhat Al-Eid Ammenah have been deployed on the streets of Doha and around the Hamad International Airport with an aim to discourage motorists from indulging in rash driving and ensure the safety of all during the Eid Holidays.


All places of interest that witness huge influx of people such as mosques, Eid prayer grounds, and public parks etc. will be traversed by these slogan bearing department vehicles. The vehicles would also undertake a pamphlet distribution campaign for generating awareness amongst the motorists regarding the traffic regulations and the safety precautions that must be taken while driving.


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