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Health Benefits Of Onions.


Some prefer onion in their food and some might not, but the health benefits onions possess cannot be denied. Onions bring more than just flavor to the table.

Be toxin-free.

All the harmful toxins can be removed from your body when you eat onions in its raw form.

Get rid of recurrent fever.

If you are suffering from recurrent fever just put a slice of onion inside your socks before sleeping at night. This lowers your temperature easily.


Healthier heart.

It contains sulfur compouds which is rich in anti-clotting properties. They prevent blood platelets from clumping (reason for heart attack). It is also helpful in lowering your blood cholesterol.

Stop inflammatory reactions.

Like garlic, even onions have anti-inflammatory properties which helps in hindering the movement of white blood cells. Onions prevent the production of fatty acids in our body that are linked to inflammatory diseases.

Soothe that burn.

It is the best alternative for the burn creams. Just cut onions into half and place them on the burned skin for few minutes to relieve yourself from pain.


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