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5 Stages Of Juice Fasting


For those who plan on going on a juice fast, here is what you can expect or also known as the five stages of juice fasting.

#1. You feel optimistic.

Of course you will, and why not. The idea of going on a juice cleanse or juice fast because of the results you can expect and not to mention how tasty the drinks are going to be, then you the finish the cleanse easily.

#2. You will feel extremely hungry

Since you can’t eat anything, you can expect to be hungry, very hungry. But it is completely normal because your body is reacting to the lack of food in your system. It basically goes into a state of shock which causes you to feel craving for foods. So find ways to distract yourself for as long as you can.


#3. You will feel an uprising in your body

The second day of the three day cleanse will make you feel rebellious already because you are not eating and since your body is not receiving any solids, you might have frequent trips to the bathroom because your body is trying to eliminate the toxins. Intermitted headaches can be present as well due to slow brain function because of low blood sugar.

#4. You will start to doubt

At the end of the second day, you will probably question your motives and start thinking about eating just so you have something inside your stomach. This is normal because your body is more sensitive to things because toxins in your body are being removed. If you find yourself at the brink of quitting, talk to your family or friends or a support group.

#5. Success

You have lost 10 pounds and have more energy due to the things you normally do, you will feel less hungry and this is because your body adjusted to the low consumption of food. It’s normal to gain weight afterwards because this is mostly water weight but for sure, you will be more conscious on what you eat and the amount of food that you consume after.

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