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Lankan expat found guilty of drug trade and consumption

For consuming illicit drugs and indulging in the trade of the same, a Criminal Court in Doha has sentenced a Sri Lankan man to two years of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of QR200, 000 has also been levied on him.

As is the protocol in such cases the court has also instructed the authorities to deport the guilty man back to Sri Lanka as soon as he completes his term of incarceration, local daily Ar-Rayah reported.


The convicted person had reportedly offered to sell some quantity of the illegal drug Marijuana to a person for QR1, 000, who happened to be an employee of the Drug Prevention Department (DPD) with the Ministry of Interior. The employee reported the development to his superior, who then instructed him to meet the dealer and obtain the drug from him. The operation was a sting that was monitored by the police in order catch the dealer red-handed.

After all the legalities were finalized, the DPD employee met the dealer at an agreed place and time. The dealer handed a Marijuana filled plastic bag to the DPD employee for the agreed amount. At the moment, the police who had been watching the whole affair swung into action and took the dealer into custody. Upon frisking of the dealer’s residence more of Marijuana was recovered. The defendant tested positive on a blood test that is used to establish the presence of Marijuana in the blood stream. Upon questioning, the dealer confessed of his involvement in the drug trade, the police said.


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