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Qatar: Good news for domestic workers soon

Authorities in Qatar are reportedly working to formulate a unified work contract for domestic workers. The unified contract is expected to be unveiled soon.

Authorities reportedly are seeking to address the issues that workers face regarding salaries, work hours and holidays. Employers sponsoring domestic workers will be required to transfer worker’s salary to a bank account or be in possession of a receipt from them stating they have been receiving salaries on a monthly basis. Such an arrangement will make sure rights of both parties remain protected.

When the unified contract is unveiled it would be welcomed by most workers as well as international NGOs who campaign for the protection of worker’s rights.

In absence of a dedicated law for domestic workers and due to the implementation of the current Labour Law No. 14 of 2004 to domestic workers in case disputes or problems arise, keeping in view rights of both the worker and the sponsor, the number and duration of working hours and off days would be discussed and the discussions would be taken into consideration in the formulation of the new unified contract.


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