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Gruesome violence, expat husband beats, pours hot water and finally kills wife in Qatar

A Criminal Court in Qatar has sentenced an expat to seven years of rigorous imprisonment after he was found guilty of murder.

The Court observed that the expat in question killed his wife because he suspected her of indulging in the act of adultery. The expat whose identity or country of origin has not been revealed yet is believed to have beaten his wife with a vacuum cleaner hand and an electric wire. After beating his wife mercilessly the man reportedly poured boiling water on her body causing third degree burns to her which ultimately led to her demise. All the objects used to perpetrate the crime were seized by the authorities.


The Court has taken very strong note of the crime the expat in question has committed and thereby sentenced him to the most rigorous imprisonment for a period of seven years. The Court also directed the concerned authorities to deport the said man from Qatar as soon as he finishes his jail term.

The crimes of murder are usually punished with a death penalty which include: Parricide (the killing of a parent or any close relative), murder by poisoning, explosion, murder of a public employee or murder aggravated by another offense carries the death penalty. Premeditated murder, which might be defined as murder in the absence of immediate provocation, also carries the death penalty.


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