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Argument lead to death, two men sentenced to 10 years jail in Qatar

According to local Arabic daily Arrayah, court has sentenced two men to 10 years in jail for attempted murder and attacking other persons in their own house.

They were convicted of premeditated physical attack against others using unlicensed sharp weapons and sticks, in addition to breaking into the private house of the victim without his permission.

Duo on the day of the incident headed to the house of the victim to settle a previous dispute with him. He was accompanied by the other defendant who claimed he was going with the first one to help in defusing the situation.

As soon they reached the house of the victim they had an argument leading to physical attack on the victim.

In the middle of the fight the father of the victim tried to defend his son but due to his weak health he fainted and fell on the floor.He died at the hospital.


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