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Woman get 10 years jail for killing maid

Deceased was repeatedly punched, beaten by bamboo sticks and electric wires

A woman has received ten years jail term for repeatedly beating her maid and whipping her with bamboo sticks and electric wires, causing her severe injuries that led to her death.

The 35-year-old Emirati, SO denied the accusations when she first appeared before the jury, but the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance found her guilty.

Prosecutors said the victim, KA, from Comoros Island, was assaulted with an electric cable and a bar.

On December 28, 2015, the maid was pronounced dead after the defendant called for an ambulance, saying the maid had collapsed.

A medical report showed that the maid’s body had burns and human bite marks, as well as several other injuries, which had become infected. The court was told that the maid did not receive any medical attention after the injuries.

Police also confiscated different bamboo cane and electric wires in the flat of the employer who admitted to beating the maid repeatedly.

A witness, 31-year-old Egyptian building manager, testified that he received several complaints from tenants about noise coming from defendant’s apartment.

A pharmacist near the building testified that he used to hear screams of assault from the accused’s flat.

He also testified that he heard screams for help and whining.

“Previously, I saw the maid standing in front of the flat and she looked very sad but I did not ask her about the reason,” testified the pharmacist.

Another witness, 19-year-old maid, also from the Comoros Islands, testified that she started work for the defendant in December and saw her assault the victim and treat her badly.

“I came to the country through a recruitment office, last September I was assigned as a maid in the accused’s house where I met the deceased.

“I worked in the accused’s house in Al Qusais and saw her punch and kick KA,” the witness said.

“The sponsor then sent me to work for her sister in another house, where I was treated badly by the sister and returned back to the defendant five days later. The beating continued.”

The 19-year-old maid said she was sent back to work for the accused’s sister but kept in touch with the victim by phone.

“It seems the employer learnt that the deceased was in communicating with me, so she prevented her from talking to me,” said the deceased’s friend who later learnt about her death.

The maid testified in details how the employer used to beat up the deceased and what tools she saw her using.

Forensic report confirmed that the deceased was tortured and beaten for weeks and months before her death.

The injuries were not fatal in nature as they were superficial. However, leaving them untreated caused different implications in the lungs, body tissues; kidney inflation among others that caused imbalance in blood clotting, lung edema, and infections that caused the death.

The Dubai Prosecution noted that the accused had a criminal record of drug addiction.

The accused, who is being detained, requested for bail saying she had to take care of her children as there was nobody else to care for them.

Her lawyer said that his client did not intend to kill the maid and is trying to reach a settlement with the maid’s family.


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