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Thursday to be last working day in Qatar before Eid holidays

The last working day for the public sector in Qatar has been set as Thursday 30th June. From 1st July the public sector would close for Eid holidays.

All ministries, Govt. institutions and public entities will officially go on Eid break starting Sunday, according to QNA.

According to an announcement made by the Emiri Diwan all offices will reopen on 12th July following the Eid break. The Eid break would last for a total of 11 days as has been the norm since last year.

A plan announcing the venues and times of various Eid festivities was also revealed by the Qatar Tourism Authority some days back.

The UAE too has announced its holiday schedule, with its public sector too set to close for holidays this weekend, however, work will be resumed on July 10, two days earlier than Qatar.

Although the exact date of Eid depends on the sighting of the crescent, it is highly expected that Eid Day would be on Wednesday, July 6.

The exact date of Eid has yet to be announced, pending the sighting of the new moon, but is expected to begin on Wednesday, July 6.


Private sector

Private sector employees usually get about three days off Eid Al Fitr in accordance with Qatar’s Labor Law.

However, as Eid holidays are coinciding with school holidays this year, scores of people are likely to go abroad for extended summer vacations.

The governor of the Qatar Central Bank will be issuing the holiday dates for banks, QCB staff, QFMA and other QCB supervised financial institutions, QNA said.

So, it would be prudent to visit the Govt. offices before 30th in case you want to finish off any paperwork. Nonetheless, in case the work is related to visa or traffic the Ministry of Interior does open for short periods even during holidays.


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