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Low income workers get to enjoy Qatar’s nightlife- Thanks to Mowasalat


Large number of low-income expats from the Industrial Area are now able to enjoy late night events and Ramadhan nightlife in Qatar thanks to Mowasalat, the transport company. Mowasalat has introduced additional bus services on several routes for this specific purpose. Workers visiting marketplaces and eateries at nights take bus routes 21, 31, 32, 33, and 33A thus increasing the rush on these routes.

In order to meet to the transportation needs of commuters in the Holy month of Ramadhan Mowasalat introduced new bus services around several areas. The schedules for mass transit and taxi services were also adjusted according to the new rush hours.

Mohammad Barik, an Indian expat who lives in the Industrial Area, says, “The introduction of the late night bus service has made it easier for people like him to stay out late in the city now, earlier Khader and other workers had to plan their trips to the city according to the public bus timings”.


Mowasalat is also aggressively promoting the usage of Karwa smartcard in order to increase the usage of public transport as a mode of transit. Commuters in the areas of Shahaniya and Industrial Area can top up their Karwa cards from authorised merchants and avail a bonus of QR10 on a top up of QR100. Workers from the Industrial Area travel to Doha City every day as the city provides them the opportunity to participate in various Iftaar gatherings that are organised almost on a daily basis by different organisations. The workers also get the chance to attend classes on religious subjects, health awareness and attend prayers at different mosques across the city. Late night bus services have only made doing all these things easier for the workers.

Another commuter friendly move that Mowasalat has undertaken this Ramadhan is the distribution of Iftaar food packets to all passengers at Central Bus Station and Karwa City bus station. In addition to the food Mowasalat gives away free Karwa smartcards to passengers, in collaboration with a local charity.

Scores of local eateries that are located around the Mowasalat bus terminal in Doha city have greatly benefitted from the late night bus services as workers have flocked the eateries in hordes.

The Souq Waqif market, Doha Corniche, along with the restaurants and electronics markets around the bus terminal have also witnessed a large number of people visiting after Iftaar, which can be largely attributed to the late night bus services offered by Mowasalat.


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